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Illusion Chasers

New Year’s Eve and the Meaning of Life


Some scientists conclude that even though we age continuously, we ponder the passage of time more at some arbitrary points in our lives than others. This can prompt us to take major –and sometimes irreparable– trajectory changes in our lives. How can we use these imagined milestones to our benefit?

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Image of the Week

Fresh Start for an Extinct Cat?


Credit: An 1862 painting of a Formosan clouded leopard by Joseph Wolf, image in the public domain Source: from Could Extinct Clouded Leopards Be Reintroduced in Taiwan? by John R. Platt on Extinction Countdown As 2014 draws to a close, a large portion of us will participate in the time-honored tradition of reflecting on the [...]

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Father Time Overcome by Hope, Love and Beauty


It is not enough to see the ugliness of 2014 overcome by the grind of time and the ball drop of New Year’s Eve. We should want the exhausting and terrible year to be overcome by memories of 2014′s hope, love and beauty, just as in this Baroque era painting by French artist Simon Vouet. [...]

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Tiktaalik’s Take on 2014


Wishing you all a r-evolutionary year from all of us at Symbiartic!

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