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Diversity in Science Carnival for April: Imposter Syndrome!!


Sci is hosting this month's Diversity in Science Carnival over at Neurotic Physiology, where we will be covering IMPOSTER SYNDROME, the nasty, insidious idea that you're not qualified enough for the job you already have. We're interested in who gets it, what they do about it, and what institutions could do as a whole to help fight it.

The idea behind a blog carnival is that people write their own pieces on their own blogs, tumblrs, heck you can tell your story in Tweets and Storify them. Then please submit your posts via the form*. I will gather them together and set them up so that they will be easy to read, providing traffic to your post of people who might not otherwise see it. So send me your stuff! I want to see what you all think of Imposter Syndrome, and what we can all do about it!

*I would like to note that I'm getting emails via the submission form that are just emails of people's thoughts on imposter syndrome. While this is really nice for me, I can't really use it to publicize your work or use it in a public please do write it somewhere else and send me the link. Thanks!!

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