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    Scicurious Scicurious is a PhD in Physiology, and is currently a postdoc in biomedical research. She loves the brain. And so should you. Follow on Twitter @Scicurious.
  • Happy Science Trails.

    As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I am excited to say that I have started a new, FULL TIME job as the Science Education Writer at Science News for Students! You can check out all my science education stuff over at Eureka!Lab! And don’t worry, Scicurious will continue! I’ve got my new digs [...]

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    Can we build a new normal?

    I’m over at Neurotic Physiology today, asking about the new normal. Everything that’s been happening the last week has shaken our faith in who we are, what we thought we had. But I have hope. I think we can be better. I’d love to get people’s thoughts. Please do head over and let me know [...]

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    Guest Post 6! Building STEM Bridges: Scientists Overcoming Isolation by Building Community


    Please Welcome Guest Post , from my old stomping grounds at U Penn, Caleph Wilson! Diversity has become a watchword in the scientific community. For the last 20 years colleges, universities, government science agencies and private foundations have worked to increase the numbers of scientists from under-represented backgrounds. Some of these policy changes have resulted [...]

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    Guest Post 5: Accommodasians don’t make waves.


    Please welcome our fifth guest post, from AmasianV! In the aftermath of SciAm’s recent snafu handling of DNLee’s post, in which she recounted her interaction with an editor who called her an “urban whore,” Sci asked me to guest blog for a series of posts aimed at getting more diverse voices heard. Diversity? Voices? That’s [...]

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    Guest Post 4! Don’t Just Assume You Should Know: How To Be An Excellent Mentor


    Of course, latin-american foreigners are minorities in Pittsburgh. And that is totally fine. Yes, it can be challenging but also rewarding and awesome. I am originally from Colombia, where I did my undergrad. Back then, in my early 20’s I decided to go abroad. So, in 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh and I have found [...]

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    Guest Post 3: If these blogs could talk: characterizing power, privilege, and everyday life in the sciences


    Please welcome the next guest group, the Microaggression Tumblr! The discussions sparked by the recent removal of DNLee’s blog post about her treatment by a member of the scientific community is a great teaching moment on how marginalization in the sciences, or any sector of society, operates in everyday life. These incidents may seem specific [...]

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    Guest Post 2: Automatic ‘othering’

    Hermie fig1

    Please welcome the second in the guest post series, the fantastic D-list monktress, Hermitage! So, I’m one of the ‘bloggers you’ve never heard of’ that Scicurious has graciously invited to be part of her diversity guest post series. Which Sci made very clear is supposed to be an uplifting outlet for all of the e-rage [...]

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    Guest Post 1: In the end, let’s make sure something good comes out.

    Rim Photo rat

    Please welcome the first of this week’s guest bloggers, Rim! Hello lovers, When Sci asked me to guest blog for her week of diversity, I was at first flattered but then I had a few moments of hesitation. I ran through a mental list of why I shouldn’t write the post, did I really have [...]

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    Standing with DNLee5: Let’s Get Voices Heard

    If you’ve been on the Scientific American network at all over the past weekend, or on twitter for that matter, you can’t have missed all that’s been going on. The short version: my fantastic friend and colleague Danielle (@DNLee5), who blogs at SciAm under “The Urban Scientist“, was asked for a guest post at another [...]

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    Friday Weird Science: Oral Sex Gets Fishy

    I’m over at Neurotic Physiology today for Friday Weird Science! You might think that oral sex, though possibly fun, wouldn’t be a very evolutionarily USEFUL thing to do. But you’re wrong. Especially if you’re a fish. Head over and check it out.

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