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Hello Internet! Scicurious here. For the past FIVE years now, Sci has brought you the latest and greatest (and sometimes the worst), in neuroscience, physiology, and stuff like poop. Blogging has been a life changing experience for me, I’ve learned so much, and I have also made so many wonderful friends! And of course, I’ve read a lot of VERY weird science.

As many of you probably know, I’m a big fan of being able to use a pseudonym. I think it’s incredibly important that we have the freedom to express ourselves, even when we can’t make those expressions under our real names. While yes, a pseudonym can be a great opportunity for trolling, it can also be an opportunity to develop yourself online. as the person you want to be. Developing your talents, skills, and meeting people you might not be able to otherwise.

And over the years, Scicurious has become almost as much a part of me as my real name. It’s just another name I go by. It has allowed me to build a reputation for myself, independent of where I work, where I have studied, what I look like, or other things that might give people preconceptions about what I have to say. I am proud of (almost) everything that Scicurious has done (except when I’ve gotten stuff wrong), and I hope that she and I will be together a long, long time.

But internet, you’ve been good to me, and because you have, I really think
it’s time that we take our relationship to the next level.

So. Hello, Internet. My name is Bethany Brookshire. I have degrees and things. I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from the College of William and Mary, and a Ph.D. in Physiology and Pharmacology from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. I am finishing up a postdoc in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. I live in Philadelphia with my significant other and my cat. I love running, chocolate, coffee, the internet, and SCIENCE. I am Bethany. And I am also Scicurious. It’s nice to meet you all!

(Yeah, that’s the good picture)

But don’t worry folks! Scicurious continues on. I love to write and I’m going to keep at it! It’s practically a brand name, after all. I will continue to bring you the best and worst of neuroscience and physiology! You’ll just now have a face and a name to peg all of my mistakes on. You can continue to follow me on Twitter at @scicurious, and you can hunt me down on Google + under B Brookshire. I’ve also got a Facebook page (brand new!) and you can see that here.

Scicurious About the Author: Scicurious is a PhD in Physiology, and is currently a postdoc in biomedical research. She loves the brain. And so should you. Follow on Twitter @Scicurious.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. aidel 8:57 am 05/8/2013

    Wow! I adore both Sci and Bethany. But for some reason, I think I’ll always call you Sci. Habit I guess. Mazel Tov on having the guts to do this. I deeply admire you and you are a fantastic role model.

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  2. 2. katiesci 9:02 am 05/8/2013

    LOVE! Now your real name can reap the full benefits of all the awesome work you’ve done as Scicurious. Great, bold move.

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  3. 3. Stephanie Z 9:11 am 05/8/2013

    Welcome to getting to be all of you wherever you are. I’m with aidel. As much as I love Bethany, you’re always going to be Sci to me. Or at least until you get tired of it. :D

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  4. 4. kclancy 9:24 am 05/8/2013

    Hooray Sci! Now everyone who didn’t already know that Bethany is amazing (maybe one or two people?), gets to be astounded by this new information. The rest of us get confirmation.

    Brave move, friend.

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  5. 5. edyong209 9:34 am 05/8/2013

    Whether he’s Clark Kent or Kal-El, it’s still an S on the insignia. ;-)

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  6. 6. Glendon Mellow 10:12 am 05/8/2013

    Congratulations Bethany! But I’m with Stephanie Z: gonna call you Sci as long as you don’t mind. Back when I was working on your tattoo, I didn’t know your real name. Some of my illustrator friends thought I was nuts, expecting to be paid for a commission by someone using a pseudonym. Didn’t bother me. Your presence as Scicurious is as real and solid now as it was then.

    Yay! Now I can design a tattoo for your face!

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  7. 7. AllyF 10:23 am 05/8/2013

    Delurking to say you have guts, Sci. Think I’ll stick with Sci for now, but I appreciate all of your work and know you are doing cool stuff as Bethany and Scicurious. Given your thoughtful posts on the benefits of pseudonyms, will you write a post someday on good reasons for “coming out”?

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  8. 8. scicurious 10:33 am 05/8/2013

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support! And you are welcome to keep calling me Sci, I’m totally used to it now. :)

    And Glendon, um, I don’t really want a tattoo for my FACE…but I totally want more elsewhere!

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  9. 9. b sci 10:42 am 05/8/2013

    Congratulations on this step! I look forward to now seeing your name in magazine and newspapers that don’t accept pseudonymous bylines and quotes.

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  10. 10. Sheril Kirshenbaum 11:10 am 05/8/2013

    Great to see you here Bethany! This is a good idea – no doubt you’ll have lots of new exciting opportunities now that you’re ‘out’ and easier to find. The blog continues to be fantastic!

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  11. 11. Cotesia1 12:47 pm 05/8/2013

    What an exciting development. Congrats! Yet…not sure Bethany will stick for me. Good luck with all your scientific endeavors. Greetings, “M” ;-)

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  12. 12. kjflynn 1:01 pm 05/8/2013

    Congrats. But really, I don’t think it’s productive for women in the scientific community to feel like they have to “come out” as women in science. Given the recent uproar after the woman from the ‘I f-ing love science’ page disclosed she was female, I wonder if it only encourages such behavior if we continue to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and then have big announcements/reveals of the girl-behind-the-name.

    I understand, and appreciate, your motives for staying under the radar and ‘coming out’ now. But was it ‘brave’ to do so? IMO, absolutely not. To suggest such an act is brave is a discredit to the fantastic female scientists who came before us who faced far more adversity than internet trolls.

    Congratulations on coming into your name. Hopefully it inspires more transparency in the scientific blogging world– and more appreciation for female scientists.

    -kaitlin flynn, PhD candidate UMich, @runforsushi

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  13. 13. LeeKottner 1:02 pm 05/8/2013

    *waves* Thanks for five years of awesomeness, and welcome! Always great to see women in science, and to have them own their greatness.

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  14. 14. scicurious 2:52 pm 05/8/2013

    kjflynn: I agree it wasn’t “brave”, but it’s also not a BIG come out in that sense. I’ve made it clear from day one that I’m a female scientist, and I’ve yet to have anyone exclaim over that.

    And there are other reasons to retain a pseudonym than being a woman in science. For me, there were many, but they are gone now.

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  15. 15. Hadas Shema 3:19 pm 05/8/2013

    Happy to meet your secret identity, Sci:)

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  16. 16. hapsci 4:15 pm 05/8/2013

    Hey Sci,

    Great to see your face on the internets!!!!! :-)

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  17. 17. mistersugar 9:36 pm 05/8/2013

    Bethany, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Hugs and handshakes next time!

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