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Boxing birds might have had a mean swing with their clublike wings

xenibisis bird with club-like wings fighting

From the tottering penguin to the scurrying kiwi, flightless birds can seem a bit helpless on the ground. But one species of bird seems to have made aggressive use of its front appendages. The Xenicibis xympithecus had clublike wings that might have been used to deliver a powerful slug other animals. "It’s the most specialized [...]

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Running Ponies

Beetle Battles: The Secret World of Leg Wrestling and Abdomen Squeezing


This is the frog-legged leaf beetle (Sagra buqueti), and there’s a good chance those gigantic gams are his weapons. Found in the jungles of Southeast Asia, this brightly coloured, iridescent species can grow up to 5 cm long. Unlike its namesake, it doesn’t use its hind legs for jumping, instead they’re used to cling onto [...]

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