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50 Shades of Sea Slug Sex: It’s Stranger Than You Think

sea slug sex traumatic mating female

Two-part barbed penises, a physical struggle and 20 minutes of penetration. That’s how some sea slugs do it. But the real shocker is that, for one species at least, those in the female role seem to engage in these bizarre, violent sexual encounters more often than might be biologically necessary. Nothing about sea-slug sex sounds [...]

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Running Ponies

Australian Sea Slug Sex in all its Head-Stabbing Glory


Everyone remember not to have sex with hermaphrodite sea slugs, because they’ll want to inject prostate gland fluid into your forehead. Traumatic mating is pretty common in nature. It occurs when a male uses specialised structures to wound a female, such as penis barbs in wild and domestic cats that are used to scrape the [...]

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