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Genetics and Geographical Mapping Help to Crack Ecological Puzzles for Rare Species

threatened california tiger salamander evolution meeting 2011

NORMAN, Okla.—Evolution might not sound like it would be of much use to species whose small numbers have already placed them on the endangered or threatened list. But its lessons are being applied with next-generation genetic sequencing speed to solve some of today’s pressing conservation questions. Many endangered and threatened species are so rare and [...]

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Running Ponies

Endangered eastern hellbenders bred for first time


Together with its cousins, the Japanese and Chinese Giant Salamanders, the hellbender is one of the largest amphibians in the world, and part of the only group of animals that can breathe mostly through folds of excess skin between their front and back legs. They’re a strange creature worth investing in, especially now that their [...]

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Paper Dragons Redefine an Ancient Art


Paper cutting as an art form is almost as old as paper itself. Traditionally, though, paper cuts are 2-dimensional, almost cartoonish depictions of scenes because of the nature of the process: either the paper is there, or it is cut away, leaving the artist with two tones to work with. Artist Tiffany Miller Russell has [...]

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