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Extinction Countdown

The Denver Zoo is helping to save Peru’s critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog

Lake Titicaca frog

A small success is being hailed as a big step forward for conservation efforts to protect the world’s largest aquatic frog, the critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog (Telmatobius culeus). For the first time, frogs in captivity in their native country of Peru have laid fertile eggs, and although the resulting tadpoles did not survive, scientists [...]

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Running Ponies

New species of night monkey, porcupine and shrew opossum found in Peru

This week, researchers have announced the discovery of a handful of new species in Peru, including a night monkey, common shrew opossum and porcupine, and the extra great news is that they’re all storybook levels of adorable. In September 2011, ecologist Gerardo Ceballos from the Instituto de Ecología at the National Autonomous University of Mexico [...]

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