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    Bec Crew Bec Crew is a Sydney-based science writer and award-winning blogger. She is the author of 'Zombie Tits, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals' (NewSouth Press). Follow on Twitter @BecCrew.
  • Largest aquatic insect in the world found in China


    Hello, giant friend, and welcome. Please step through the hallowed gates of “World’s Biggest” and join your freakishly long, abnormally bulky peers. Now if you could all just arrange yourselves from largest to least large, that would be a big help, because we here on Earth need to know who wins, it’s very important to [...]

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    Congratulations on your new fluffy record, Tufted Ground Squirrel. Please don’t eat our livers.


    It’s a record that none of us even knew existed, but the tufted ground squirrel from Borneo is the official owner of the Fluffiest Tail in the World. Good job, tufted ground squirrel. We’ll never know the sacrifices you made to achieve such fluff, the lost time with your family and friends that you’ll never get [...]

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    King of the Killer Whales: The Legend of Old Tom and the Gruesome ‘Law of the Tongue’


    This is the story of an orca named Old Tom, who during the early 20th century spent almost four decades helping fishermen catch baleen whales off the coast of Australia. In return, Old Tom and his pod feasted on the lips and tongues of the whalers’ haul. The coastal town of Eden sits just over [...]

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    Pygmy Anteaters Look Like Small, Dusty Puppets Brought to Life


    I heard you’re looking for a new favourite animal. Look no further, this is your guy. At just 35 centimetres long – which includes a 20-cm-long tail – and weighing no more than 500 grams, the pygmy anteater (Cyclopes didactylus) is the smallest anteater on Earth. Nocturnal and committed to a life spent entirely in [...]

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    New Species of Peacock Spider has Leopard Spots and Cat-like Moves


    This is my second post in a week featuring spiders doing undeniably adorable things – dancing and cartwheels. It’s as if spiders know they have a reputation problem and have launched some kind of secret PR campaign to highlight their cuter, less-likely-to-give-you-skin-rot members. But then a bunch of ‘yellow sac spiders’ (cuteness diminishing) invaded a [...]

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    This Spider Rollin’, They Hatin’: New Species of Cartwheeling Spider


    Spiders and I have a tortured relationship. I know they play a crucial role in their respective ecosystems, and they hunt mosquitos and cockroaches in and around my house. And I know that most of them aren’t aggressive and that you’d have to be really, really unlucky to get bitten by one. But I also [...]

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    Meet Australia’s Easter Bunny: the Long-Eared Greater Bilby


    Easter in Australia is pretty much the same as Easter elsewhere in the world. We do Easter egg hunts and put sad-looking yellow chickens with loose eyespots on display in straw nests and eat nothing but chocolate for three days straight. But there’s a war going on, and the Easter Bunny is at the centre [...]

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    Four New Species of Deep-Sea Killer Sponge Discovered


    Four new species of carnivorous sea sponge have been discovered in a place where ridiculous adaptations for sourcing food seem about as widespread as horrific ways to die – the deep sea. Following their discovery in 2012 of the fantastic-looking carnivorous harp sponge (Chondrocladia lyra) off the coast of California and almost four kilometres deep, [...]

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    Meet the Ten Most Endangered and Distinctive Birds in the World


    The world’s 100 most endangered and unique birds have been ranked in a newly published study, and the list includes a corpse-eater with legendary skills of decapitation, a shameless self-inflator, and the world’s heftiest parrot. Conducted by a team from Yale University, Simon Fraser University, and the Zoological Society of London, the study analyses where [...]

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    Humpback Heat Runs: How to Photograph the Biggest Courtship Battle on Earth


    There’s something about humpback whales that makes them seem so peaceful. Just elegant, wonderful creatures that wouldn’t hurt a soul, unless that soul happens to be contained by a small fish or a delicious crustacean. But there comes a time in every male humpback’s life when he has to step up and fight. Imagine nine [...]

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