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Political Leaders Gather at D.C. Reception to Discuss Scientific American‘s Special Issue on Cities

Mariette DiChristina at podium, speaking

Congressional staffers, federal agency senior personnel, non-profit leaders and scientific organization executives joined Scientific American Editor in chief Mariette DiChristina at a recent reception to celebrate the magazine’s special issue on cities. “Celebrating cities in many ways is celebrating what is best in us,” DiChristina told the crowd as she kicked off the evening honoring [...]

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Rosetta Stones

Oso Mudslide: Links to the Geology Behind the Tragedy

Aerial photo showing the extent of the slide. Courtesy Gov. Jay Inslee via Flickr. (CC BY-ND 2.0)

On Saturday, the Seattle region experienced one of the worst landslide disasters in its history. A lot of the hills around here are unconsolidated glacial deposits, and they’re ready to fall at the slightest provocation. Heavy rains and a river determinedly eroding the toe of a previous slide, possibly combined with some unwise land use [...]

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