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A Few Questions About Comments

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One of the things I’ve noticed about Rosetta Stones is that not as many people comment here as on En Tequila Es Verdad. Now, in order to plan what sort of things we end up doing here, I’ve created a wee bit o’ a survey to find out what you think about commenting here. It should be short and easy – you don’t even have to answer all of the questions. If you can spare a few moments, I’d appreciate it muchly!

Click here to take survey

What will I use the results for? Mostly to assess whether some of the ideas I have for Rosetta Stones are feasible or not – if you don’t comment much here because it’s too difficult, I’ll be waiting until a new and improved comment system is up and running. I haven’t any power over what Scientific American uses as the comment system here, but I can pass your concerns along to those who have got power.

I’ll leave the survey open until October 5th or thereabouts – should give you plenty of time to answer if you wish. Thanks in advance for your help! And thank you very, very much for reading.

Dana Hunter About the Author: Dana Hunter is a science blogger, SF writer, and geology addict whose home away from SciAm is En Tequila Es Verdad. Follow her on Twitter: @dhunterauthor. Follow on Twitter @dhunterauthor.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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