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Adventures in the good science of rock-breaking.
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    Dana Hunter Dana Hunter is a science blogger, SF writer, and geology addict whose home away from SciAm is En Tequila Es Verdad. Follow her on Twitter: @dhunterauthor. Follow on Twitter @dhunterauthor.
  • Just in Time for Christmas! All the Gargantuan Guides in One Place!

    Image shows a cat resting its chin and paw on a printed page. Caption says, "Multum legendum non multa."

    Do you still have gifts to buy? Don’t want to leave the comfort of your home or office? Are you dreading the very thought of stepping into a store? Want to give the gift of knowledge and laughter in just a few easy steps?

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    A Short Georney with Doctor Evelyn, Complete With Geology-Themed Christmas Gift Ideas!

    Image shows Evelyn in a kayak, holding a little cocker-spaniel/shi tzu mix.

    A few weeks ago, I put together a cornucopia of geoscience blogging for ye, but I saved Doctor Evelyn for her own post. She’s one of the first geologists I got to break rocks with, and the only person to date I’ve ever gone kayaking with.

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    Holiday Road Trip? Compelling Reasons to Stuff a Geologist in Your Car – But Do Your Own Driving

    Image shows my silver Honda Civic parked in front of a shiny gray roadcut.

    “‘If I’m going to drive safely, I can’t do geology.’” -Geologist quoted by John McPhee in Basin and Range There’s nothing like roadtripping with geologists. If you’ve got a long, dull trip coming up, stuff a geologist or two in the car with you – it’ll liven things up considerably! Of course, you’ll find yourself [...]

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    Dana’s Super-Gargantuan Guide to Science Books Suitable for Gift-Giving II: Science for Kids!

    Image shows a cat lying in front of an open lolcat picture book. Caption says, "Lolcat Accadamee Study Hall"

    Welcome to Part II of our Super-Gargantuan Guide! In this edition, we’ll be exploring the world of science books for kids. I attempted to cast my mind back to when I was a child, and also solicited the advice of child-possessing readers. Feel free to toss more titles my way – this list has plenty [...]

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    Dana’s Super-Gargantuan Guide to Science Books Suitable for Gift-Giving

    Image shows a cat resting its chin and paw on a printed page. Caption says, "Multum legendum non multa."

    It’s the gifting time o’ year! You’ve got science readers on your list, but you’re not sure what books to get them, right? For those of you who can’t just say heck with it and buy a gift card instead, I’ve got some ideas for ye. Our main focus will be the earth sciences, but [...]

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    Geologists’ Manslaughter Verdict Overturned and Other Stories: A Cornucopia of Earth Science Links

    Entrenched meanders in Goosenecks State Park, Utah. Image courtesy USDA/FSA.

    Whilst I’ve been off designing geology-themed holiday cards and working on other time-devouring things, other folks in the geoblogosphere have been doing some fascinating writing. I thought I’d bring some to you! Chris Rowan has the story of the Italian geologists whose conviction for manslaughter was recently overturned. This is critical news for anyone doing [...]

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    Adventures in Creationist Earth Science Education I: In Which First Impressions Are Made

    A choice selection of Christianist textbooks, plus one secular. Can you spot the odd book out?

    Welcome to the first installment of our down-to-earth analysis of young earth creationist earth science textbooks*, in which we learn what good Christians™ are teaching the kids these days. Let’s take a moment to acquaint ourselves with our three texts. Two are for Christian schools; the third is a secular control. At first glance, it’s [...]

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    Smilin’ Stone and a Super-Sweet Rip-Up Clast

    Image shows a dark gray, rounded rock within a lighter gray ledge. Lichen on the rock looks like two eyes, and there's a line along the bottom that looks like a crooked smile.

    Sorry I’ve been gone so long! My kidneys conspired with some bacteria in order to attempt murder upon me, probably because they’re tired of me threatening to donate the one that used to get all the kidney stones. I’ve now recovered about 60% of my brain function, which means I can start talking geology to [...]

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    Adventures in ACE I: In Which Oddities Are Explored

    My stack of ACE PACES. These are supposedly the entire 8th grade science curriculum.

    I recently spent an instructive few months reading Jonny Scaramanga’s blog, where I learned just how screwed up Accelerated Christian Education is. Imagine a room full of young kids stuffed in study carrels (“offices,” in ACE parlance), sitting silent on hard plastic chairs while they’re taught truly-true Christian things from thin newsprint booklets. As they [...]

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    Bay Area Chance of a Lifetime: See Tanya Atwater at the Randall Museum!

    This Thursday, Tanya Atwater will be speaking at San Francisco’s Randall Museum. For free! Her talk is about Living in the Plate Boundary, and it sounds awesomesauce: Superstar Geophysicist Tanya Atwater, will present an incredible and amazing series of images and ideas on the geologically active San Francisco area. She’ll also throw in some climate-related [...]

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