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Roots of Unity

Graham’s Number Is Too Big for Me to Tell You How Big It Is

Behold, Graham's number!

I was going to write an April Fool’s Day post with the title “Mathematicians Declare Graham’s Number Equal to Infinity.” Graham’s number is really big, but of course, it’s precisely 0% as big as infinity. On the other hand, everything we touch is finite, so in some sense, Graham’s number is probably “close enough” to [...]

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Roots of Unity

Does 1+2+3… Really Equal -1/12?

Divergent series Lucille says, "1+2+3...=-1/12." Video from Fox, gif from

A Numberphile video posted earlier this month claims that the sum of all the positive integers is -1/12. I’m usually a fan of the Numberphile crew, who do a great job making mathematics exciting and accessible, but this video disappointed me. There is a meaningful way to associate the number -1/12 to the series 1+2+3+4…, [...]

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