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Mathematical Patterns in Sea Ice Reveal Melt Dynamics

Melt ponds on the surface of Arctic sea ice. Credit: Karen Frey

Some people call Ken Golden the “Indiana Jones” of mathematics due to his frequent excursions to remote, harsh parts of the world. Golden, a professor of mathematics at the University of Utah, studies the dynamics of sea ice, and he regularly goes out into the field to test his hypotheses. He has visited the Arctic [...]

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Glow Sticks Prove the Math Theorem behind the Famous Flatiron Building

The Pythagorean theorem projected onto the Flatiron building

How many math lovers live in New York City? It’s a tough count to make, but the Museum of Mathematics made progress at its first anniversary celebration on Thursday, December 5. With a mission to illuminate the math that permeates our day-to-day lives, the Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath, wasn’t about to waste its birthday [...]

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Roots of Unity

MoMA to MoMath: a Mathematician’s Picks for Art in New York City

A sculpture made of matches from the Compounding Visions exhibition by Trevor and Ryan Oakes at the Museum of Mathematics. Photo: Adriana Salerno.

I was in New York City earlier this month, and in addition to finally having an excuse to ride the Staten Island Ferry (I gave a talk there), I managed to make it to a few of the excellent museums in the city. I don’t go to art museums to try to find connections with [...]

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