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The Best Bracket Big Data Can Build

Credit: Rowan McNaught,

March Madness isn’t over, but one thing is certain: no one is going to win “Buffet’s Billion.” Before even half of the NCAA college men’s basketball tournament games had finished, every bracket entered into Yahoo’s contest to win a billion dollars had at least one red strikethrough. And while some may blame upsets like No. [...]

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Roots of Unity

We Only Need to Fill Out 425 Brackets Each to Win Buffett’s Billion

Will your bracket be a slam dunk? Image: Acid Pix, via flickr.

Warren Buffett’s Bracket Challenge* has put even more of a spotlight than usual on March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Buffett has offered a billion dollars to anyone who correctly predicts the outcome of all 63 games in the tournament. There are 2 possible outcomes of every game and therefore 263— 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, or about [...]

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Roots of Unity

March Madness Math: Are the “Dreaded Middle Seeds” So Bad?

March Madness always sneaks up on me. I mean, I know that March has started because my dad’s birthday and my wedding anniversary are right at the beginning of the month, but I always end up scrambling to make my NCAA basketball tournament picks the day before games start. Mathematician Jordan Ellenberg has taken the [...]

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Talking back

New Job for Brain Scientists: Pitching Mutual Funds

I was watching one of the March Madness games recently with my son Benjamin. He is the only one in the world I can do this with because I can ask him what the difference is between the shot clock in the NBA and the one in the NCAA without being asked to immediately produce [...]

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