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A Guardian “Agent” to Protect You from Digital Fraud

The orignial GORT, a member of an interstellar police force in the 1951 science fiction film "The Day the Earth Stood Still". (Credit Peter Petrus via Flickr)

Today, maintaining privacy without guided assistance is an onerous task, whose initial costs are high, immediate rewards low and solutions fragile and constantly evolving. The moment after perfectly balancing your Facebook privacy settings, a new “feature” is introduced and suddenly potential employers can view your bachelor party photos. While you admit you should password protect [...]

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Guest Blog

How Alan Turing Invented the Computer Age

alan turing, computers, artificial intelligence

In 1936, whilst studying for his Ph.D. at Princeton University, the English mathematician Alan Turing published a paper, “On Computable Numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem,” which became the foundation of computer science. In it Turing presented a theoretical machine that could solve any problem that could be described by simple instructions encoded on [...]

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How to Reconcile Big Data and Privacy

White House image, courtesy of CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade

In many ways “big data” and “encryption” are antithetical. The former involves harvesting, storing and analyzing information to reveal patterns that researchers, law enforcement and industry can use to their benefit. The goal of the latter is to obscure that data from prying eyes. That tension was at the core of a conference this week [...]

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Invisible Quick-Response Codes (the Square Ones) Could Thwart Counterfeiting

QR code security

Quick Response (QR) codes—those grainy, black-and-white squares increasingly found on advertisements and packaging—can quickly deliver encoded data to mobile gadgets, whether the info is a Web address for a promotional video or details about a package’s shipment. Could this same technology effectively barcode currency, to crack down on counterfeiters? A team of researchers from the [...]

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Roots of Unity

91 Is April Fooling You

Rather appropriately, April 1st is the 91st day of the year, at least in non-leap years such as 2013. 91 might look innocent, but it’s a sneaky little number because 91=7×13. That might not seem sneaky to you, but I’m here to tell you why it is. Every whole number can be broken down into [...]

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