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Step Right Up! It’s the Carnival of Mathematics!

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Circles, radii, and angles in a ferris wheel at the Riley County 4-H Fair. Image: Judy Klimek, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Carnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round-up of fun math-related blog posts organized by the friendly folks of the Aperiodical. This month, Michelle Blair of My Summation is hosting Carnival #102. Head on over to find some gems you may have missed in the last month. (Hint: you should check out the sonnets about abstract algebra!)

I’m delighted to be hosting the 103rd Carnival of Mathematics next month, and to do that I need your help. Tell me what posts to include! What am I looking for? From the Carnival of Mathematics info page: “any mathematics-related blogposts: explanations of serious mathematics, puzzles, writing about mathematics education, mathematical anecdotes, refutations of bad mathematics, applications, reviews, etc. Sufficiently mathematized portions of other disciplines are also acceptable.” Self-nomination is highly encouraged, so don’t be modest! Submissions for the last carnival closed on September 10, so I’m looking for posts that have gone up since then.

If you come across a nice post that fits the bill, click here to submit it to the 103rd Carnival of Mathematics! The submissions page will be open until October 10. Until then, feast yourself on Carnival 102 or click over to to find some good posts to submit.

Evelyn Lamb About the Author: Evelyn Lamb is a postdoc at the University of Utah. She writes about mathematics and other cool stuff. Follow on Twitter @evelynjlamb.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. rgclark 9:18 am 10/13/2013

    Thanks for that. I didn’t know there were so many cool math blogs on the net before!

    Bob Clark

    Link to this

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