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Mathy Ladies to Follow on Twitter

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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In the current issue of the Association for Women in Mathematics newsletter (password required), Anne Carlill asks where the female mathematicians are on Twitter:

“I found that the only female mathematicians or math educators I followed were Nalini Joshi in Sydney and Fawn Nguyen in California. In contrast there are about 15 males, including Marcus du Sautoy and Simon Singh….I am sure there are great female mathematicians around who do tweet; I just need help finding them.”

Of course I humbly nominate myself, but here are some other mathy (mathsy?) women I follow on Twitter. I thought about separating this list into mathematicians and math educators, but on Twitter, I don’t think that dichotomy really makes sense. No need to create artificial divisions when we’re all trying to tell people how cool math is!

@AnnaWeltman, who co-runs @MathMunch
@bettynlove, a math professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha
@DainaTaimina, godmother of hyperbolic crochet
@danicamckellar, actress and author of math books for girls
@DrJStockton, math professor at Sacred Heart University
@faroop, math professor at Lesley University, also runs @liberationmath, which focuses on math shame/frustration and how to move past it
@fawnpnguyen, middle school math teacher in California
@haggismaths, math educator who does some cool mathematical textile stuff
@hildabast, who focuses on statistics in medicine
@ilaba, math professor at the University of British Columbia
@JenLucPiquant, a science writer who focuses on physics but tweets about a lot of fun math stuff
@julierehmeyer, freelance math writer. She hasn’t tweeted in a while, but we can hope!
@katemath, math professor at the College of Charleston
@lauramclay, professor of operations research at Virginia Commonwealth University
@MadeleineS, mathematical textile creator
@MariaDroujkova, math educator
@mathbabedotorg, former math professor, current data scientist with lots to say about the financial system
@mathcirque, math professor at Harvey Mudd College
@mathinyourfeet, who uses dance to teach mathematics
@monsoon0, math professor at the University of Sydney
@Ms_A_Geometry, a math teacher in Hawaii
@nattyover, a writer for Simons Science News who focuses on physics, math, and computer science
@NoelAnn, who co-runs @mathshistory
@quietannie1, retired maths lecturer from Leeds City College and the person who asked about female mathematicians on Twitter
@sc_k, a physicist who sometimes tweets about math
@stecks, who co-runs @aperiodical
@suevanhattum, community college math teacher
@TheEtymologyofZ, maybe a stretch. It’s the Twitter feed for a delightful looking film about a princess who loves math.
@vihartvihart, mathemusician and entertaining YouTuber

I’ve only been on Twitter for about 10 months, so I know this list is incomplete. Please add your suggestions in the comments. Self-nomination is encouraged! I’ve put together a “Mathy Ladies” list on Twitter, and I’ll keep updating it.

Added since original posting:

@ReginaNuzzo, freelance science journalist and statistics professor
@ilovemathsgames, who runs a maths game website and blog
@CathDoesMath, math and statistics teacher
@Supernetworks, a network research center feed, run by Anna Nagurney of UMass Amherst
@lpudwell, math professor at Valparaiso University
@tchmathculture, professor of math education at Peabody College
@pegcagle, math teacher and education policy person
@joboaler,  math education professor at Stanford University
@mathhistory, who is studying the history of math education at Berkeley
@DrEugeniaCheng, mathematician at the University of Sheffield
@Mythagon, math educator in Maine
@jreulbach, middle school math teacher
@k8nowak, “mathalician,” who is on the @mathalicious team
@teachteKBeck, middle school math teacher
@crstn85, high school math teacher
@algebrainiac1, middle school math teacher
@wahedahbug, math teacher
@alllison_krasno, math teacher
@pamjwilson, math teacher
@RogoNic, stats app developer and YouTuber
@Pure_Numbers, mathematical observations about each day’s date
@a_mcsquared, math educator in Montréal
@CUMATMathDrB, math education professor at Clemson University
@NicoraPlaca, math education researcher
@KMorrowleong, math educator
@BridgetTenner, math professor at DePaul University
@MuirMath240, math instructor at Colorado University Boulder
@PeggyONeillDr, online math teacher
@CyberAuntie, freelance mathematician
@mathbrief, mathematician and blogger
@hspter, biostatistician

As of May 1, I’ll no longer be updating the list here on the blog, but you can always find the up-to-date list on my Twitter profile.

Evelyn Lamb About the Author: Evelyn Lamb is a postdoc at the University of Utah. She writes about mathematics and other cool stuff. Follow on Twitter @evelynjlamb.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. bmurray 6:00 pm 04/24/2013


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  2. 2. kblitz 9:27 pm 04/24/2013

    @Pure_Numbers – college student who explores math using today’s date

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  3. 3. CUMATMathDrB 11:51 am 04/25/2013

    awesome! @CUMATMathDrB

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  4. 4. Circle 2:22 pm 04/25/2013

    When are women going to claim what is theirs? You can not get any more female than the image of Euclid’s first Book, Proposition 1. Through the vesica piscis emerges far more geometry than proving an equilateral triangle. It is beyond me why straight lines and polygons are math favored over the circle.

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  5. 5. quietannie1 5:51 am 05/3/2013

    Hi Evelyn,

    Thanks so much for doing this. I was away in India when you wrote the original post so it wasn’t possible for me to comment then. It’s also great to see others adding to your list.

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