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The Science Online 2012 Keynote Speaker


Carin and I will soon be at Science Online 2012. As I mentioned last post, we both will be running workshops on video-making and will be your hosts for the Cyberscreen Science Film Festival 2012.

The Keynote speaker this year is National Geographic Host and Primatologist, Mireya Mayor. Her speech is titled The Vain Girl's Survival Guide to Science and The Media

Earlier this year, she published her book describing her very exciting life, called Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey from NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Host.

Her story is quite inspirational, especially for teenage girls.

Joanne and teen daughter, Amanda

To that end, I had my 17 year old daughter Amanda read the book, too,

and we filmed a review together. Here's what we had to say:



I look forward to meeting Mireya in just a few days. I must remember to bring the book for her to sign for Amanda!

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