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David Quammen on SciAm/Read Science! Chat

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David Quammen, according to his website is  ”an author and journalist whose twelve books include The Song of the Dodo, The Reluctant Mr. Darwin, and most recently Spillover, a work on the science, history, and human impacts of emerging diseases (especially viral diseases).”  I would hope you have read some of his works in any of the many [...]

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Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” Comes to TV

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Nothing makes me happier than reading a really good science book. After that, I am fairly pleased when some of my favorites are adapted for TV to reach those less likely to pick up one of those gems. Some recent examples of book adaptations include: Cosmos by Carl Sagan (rebooted by Neil Degrasse Tyson), The [...]

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Webseries Based on David Quammen’s Book, Spillover, to Air on

Virus Hunters

Back in April 2013, The Weather Channel announced it was unveiling several new very short series of cross-platform videos on topics that diverge from the weather. From WSJ: “The new series include “I am Unstoppable,” a show profiling disabled atheletes; “Virus Hunters,” a science program following the hunt for the next killer outbreak; and “Alive,” [...]

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