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The Slow Mo Guys Visit GE Labs and Get Scientific

Super Hydrophobic Surface

The generally mischievous pair on youtube who film their antics in extreme slow motion using a digital high-speed camera, capable of shooting over 10000 frames a second, the Slow Mo Guys, were invited by GE to visit their labs in New York to film some fascinating techniques with their speciality cameras. At this time, there [...]

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Victorian Wallpaper in Your Lungs


No William Morris didn’t design this 18th century simulacrum – it’s “a microscopic image of lung surfactant, a lipid-protein material that aids in respiration by reducing the amount of energy needed”. And it’s elegantly fantastic. In a recent issue of BioMedical Beat, authors Prajnaparamita Dhar, Elizabeth Eck, Jacob N. Israelachvili, Dong Woog Lee, Younjin Min, Arun [...]

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