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Get Your “Awwws” and “Squeees” Here! Wild Sea Otter Cam Delights

Otter 501 and her pup. Image courtesy of Robert Skoals

Most everyone who follows me on social media is aware I have a weakness for two animals: otters and sloths. I’m happy to promote efforts that encourage conservation and well being of these animals. Good news, if you ever desire to infuse your day with adorableness, you can now watch otters in the wild, for [...]

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“It’s so FLUFFEEE!”: Otter 501, A must-see movie!


This enthusiastic movie line, lifted from the kids film, “Despicable Me“, about an evil villian whose heart is warmed by a trio of young girls who come into his life, is a very appropriate introduction to a movie that animal lovers simply must take time out to see . If you are along the west [...]

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