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Winton Science Book Shortlist Authors Read Passages


The Royal Society in London has selected its winner of the Winton Prize for Science Books. The purpose of the prize falls right in line with the goals for Read Science! Google Hangouts; to encourage the promotion of great popular science writing! For 2014, the prize goes to Mark Miodownk for his book Stuff Matters. [...]

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8 Space Travel Books Worth Reading, A Video Primer

Today, the 44th anniversary of the first moon landing with Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s first steps on the moon, I present to you some great books to read about space travel, each with their own video, whether it is a trailer for a movie made based on the book or a proper book trailer, [...]

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Adventures on the Alimentary Canal with Mary Roach


Mary Roach is one of my fave science authors because she looks at everything in a quirky and unique way. No subject is too daunting at all it seems, though in an interview I conducted back in 2009, I relayed a question from science author Carl Zimmer: “Is there any topic that cannot be made [...]

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