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Context and Variation

Kate Clancy’s Short Grant Rant: On Broken Promises

Here is my grant rant. It is very, very simple. Last night I was talking to a colleague who just heard he missed the funding cutoff for his NIH grant by a single point – a score of 19 and under was funded, and his grant was a 20 (Edited 1/27 8pm CST to fix [...]

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Life, Unbounded

Want to Go to the Stars? First You Must Stand With Science

Want to reach for the stars?

Sometimes one gets a sinking feeling. Here we are on the cusp of so very many things in science, from finding other Earths, to understanding the extraordinary organisms right under our noses, and even detecting the fundamental particles that help build all that we see. We are also in the midst of an incredible flourishing [...]

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Plugged In

Measuring “Success” in R&D


Each year, private and public organizations dedicate significant resources to research and development (R&D). The U.S. federal government alone sets aside billions for R&D in the federal budget, considering it to be a “vital investment in [the country's] future .” (1) Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), more than $10 billion was [...]

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Bill Nye’s Open Letter to Barack Obama

Bill Nye (Wikipedia)

I read a post at Nature yesterday about the severe cutbacks the Planetary Sciences Division at NASA (headed by Jim Green) has had to make recently due to reduced funding. This hardly seems acceptable to me, and certainly not to Bill Nye, CEO at The Planetary Society. So he wrote a letter to Barack Obama, [...]

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Talking back

Is American Science in Decline?

That is the title of a new book by two quantitatively oriented sociologists. The Harvard University Press offering goes beyond the reflexive and often  pessimistic assumptions that often imbue discussions about future prospects for U.S. science and technology.  Xu Xie of the University of Michigan and Alexandra A. Killewald of Harvard answer the self-posed query [...]

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The Curious Wavefunction

The head of the House Committee on Science does not understand how science works

It’s been said many times. Curiosity-driven research with no immediate application or goal is what has primarily led to science’s greatest discoveries as well as our high standard of living. It is what has led to the ascendancy of American science during the twentieth century. If you want great discoveries to happen, the recipe is [...]

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