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My Favorite Science (or Marginally Science Themed) Videos from 2012

These drops of solution remain suspended for a long period of time, thanks to the vibrational force of sound waves that keep them stationary in an air column. (Photo by Dan Harris)

These are some of my favorite videos from 2012. Which were your favorites this past year? Seven Minutes of Terror. A very well-produced video from NASA about how engineers worked to execute the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover. The science and engineering thinking process came through for them successfully resulting in one of the [...]

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Hard Science is Going to the Dogs

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 12.45.07 PM

Dogs are great at learning things. They love to be taught how to fetch, roll over, and heel, for instance. You can also teach them physics. Physicist Chad Orzel has proven this with his two books “How to Teach Physics to your Dog” and the more specialized, “How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog“. Here, [...]

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