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Anthropology in Practice

The Open Lab Cover Unveiled!

Earlier this week, Bora Zivkovic revealed the cover design for the annual anthology of the best science writing on the Web. A hearty congratulations to all who made this edition. Design by Jason Heuer (click to see larger)

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Life, Unbounded

C-SPAN’s ‘After Words’ Discusses Our Cosmic Status

(A. Fitzsimmons/ESO)

Ever feel that broadcast TV fails to tackle the big issues? I don’t mean the state of the economy, healthcare, the future of clean energy, or what B-list celebrities had for breakfast – I mean the Really Big Issues. Like whether or not we’re alone in the universe, whether life is somehow special, and whether [...]

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Octopus Chronicles

Soft Octopus Escape—and Paperback Octopus! Release [Video]

octopus book paperback

Octopuses long ago shed their ancestors’ protective shells in favor of a slinkier, floppier, softer existence. They were perhaps never meant to be held down by hard covers. In fact, many scientists credit this unlikely evolution for their wily intelligence. That is why I am extra excited for the publication of Octopus! The Most Mysterious [...]

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Plugged In

British Storm Brings Up History’s First Work of Social Media


The enormous winter storm Xaver currently battering northern Europe, coming only a month after another one, brings to mind another famous storm that hit England late in the fall — the unnamed blow that generated Daniel Defoe’s nonfiction masterpiece The Storm, considered by some the first work of modern journalism. It hit southern England just [...]

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Plugged In

Electric Sky, Traffic Light Design, and Other Reasons for Paying Attention

The world is trying to remind you to keep your eyes open, to take nothing for granted. Don’t ignore the quotidian: look there for breakthroughs. Consider the electric sky created by a German electric engineering firm to mimic the changing cloudscape of life under the real blue sky. The idea is to improve workers’ senses [...]

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