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My TED Talk is Live: Beyond the Birds and the Bees with Dr. Carin Bondar


What a proud day for me. I was invited to speak at TED Global in Edinburgh last June based on a web series that I wrote and starred in called 'Wild Sex'. The series took a bold and unapologetic approach to the topic of the evolutionary biology of sex, and our vision was very well received. We've had over 14 million views to date! I say WE because the show was a joint effort, produced by Earth Touch Productions, directed by the quirky and creative Richard Slater Jones and produced by the crazy wonderful Ben Hewett. I was beyond delighted to receive a call from Bruno Guissani, the content director for TED Global, asking if I would like to come to Scotland and talk about my favourite subject. It was one of the most amazing, life-altering weeks of my life, and I'm so thrilled to share my talk with you today!

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