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More Than Honey: A Stunning Documentary on the Worldwide Demise of Bees


Now showing in New York City: among the most dazzling feats of cinematography I have had the pleasure of viewing. However, despite the epic footage you will see in 'More Than Honey' - the story is not a happy one. The documentary, directed and written by Markus Imhoof, takes viewers on a journey around the world, from Switzerland to California and China. We explore the honey industry from many perspectives on many scales. Just how much would the world's food supply change if bees were to vanish completely? It's a jarring question, considering that most of our fruits and vegetables depend on them, and that colony collapse disorder is crashing populations worldwide. The documentary takes a long time to weave its tale of the apiculture industry. The narrative is complex. I had reactions of astonishment and disgust, but also of inspiration and awe.

For me, the best part of this film is the work of cinematographer Jorg Jeshel. The closeup footage of the bees, shot from within the hive, is incredible. The audience spends so much time on their level - in the hive, flying, mating and feeding. It's little short of extraordinary, and worth watching for the natural history footage alone (especially on the big screen!).

I enjoyed 'More than Honey' on many levels. If you're in New York City this week, be sure to check it out.

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