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Chat with Particle Fever’s Monica Dunford


If you've seen the movie, Particle Fever (You haven't? You can get it live streaming on iTunes today, and at other VOD services July 15), then you are acquainted with the ebullient American physicist Monica Dunford, an experimental high-energy particle physicist who helped bring the ATLAS detector at CERN into operation for the first Large Hadron Collider beam and collisions. Her areas of expertise range from searching for ‘new physics’ particles like dark matter to calibrating the ATLAS hadronic calorimeter to crawling in small, dusty places while connecting some of the 3000 kilometers of cable in ATLAS.

She will be joining me tomorrow in a Google Hangout on Air to chat about her role in 'Particle Fever', CERN, particle physics, and about being a woman in the world of science.

You can join us RIGHT HERE on this page July 2, 2014 at 9am CDT, 4pm DST.




The Q & A app in enabled, so if you have questions for her, feel free to visit the Google hangout event page to add your query.

If you cannot watch the event live, please do visit this page later where the event will be archived via youtube.

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