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Behind the Scenes of “Box”– Mixing Design, Storytelling and Technology


That mesmerizing installation of light and illusion using 3D projection mapping and robots, Box, that I shared with you last week, left me a bit unsettled.


Because, as I watched, I kept asking myself in my mind, "HOW DID THEY DO THAT?" instead of sitting back and enjoying it. (I've been often accused of being too curious, but I think that suits the scientist in me just fine. )

Here is the Box performance as a reminder.

And, as if they knew people like me exist, they created a "Behind the Scenes" follow-up with plenty of explanation.

"A behind the scenes look at Box, Bot & Dolly's wildly popular latest live performance film which documents a first-ever live synchronized performance using 3D projection mapping, robots, and actors.

In this exclusive documentary, The Creators Project provides a detailed exploration of the technical and creative processes behind Box."

Definitely looking forward to more from Bot and Dolly!

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