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Who Are Your Favorite Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Youtubers?

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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This is a follow up to my last post about Science Video Brainstorming.

Thank you everyone who has kindly donated toward my trip to VidCon 2012! I have enough for a plane ticket! Please continue your generous donations in any amount so I can have a place to stay and food to eat! Recall that I have levels of thanks which range from a huge thanks in my social media, hunting down your favorite youtuber for an autograph, to a mini ad/shoutout in one of my videos all the way to making a custom science video for you or a loved one! I am currently researching one on the eponymously named structures in neuroscience for a donor already!)

If you can help out, I have a paypal button on my website or you can contact me if you cannot stand to use paypal.

As a reminder, my goal is to get to VidCon2012 so I can interview as many science, technology, engineering and math video makers, ones that I may not even be aware of, and share these great finds with you! I truly appreciate your assistance!

My favorite video makers include Bill Hammack, The Engineer Guy, the wonderful Jeri Ellsworth, Periodic Videos, Professor Dave at York and NurdRage. Enjoy videos from the last three on the list (and link to their sites) at my post “Have Some Coke…and Some Chemistry!

So, to choose whom I should interview, I’d love to know your favorite science, engineering, technology and math video makers!

This is an exciting time for science in new media!

Joanne Manaster About the Author: Joanne Manaster is a university level cell and molecular biology lecturer with an insatiable passion for science outreach to all ages. Enjoy her quirky videos at, on twitter @sciencegoddess and on her Facebook page at JoanneLovesScience Follow on Twitter @sciencegoddess.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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