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Mythbusters Cannonball Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong – Can We All Say OOOPS?!

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How much science saavy does it take to be a Mythbuster?  Apparently, not enough.  Today the residents of Dublin, California became the recipients of some serious miscalculations by the folks of this notoriously popular television series.   A cannonball, travelling at bullet speeds of over 1000 feet per second, slammed into several houses and vehicles this afternoon. (Check out the flight path below in a cool graphic created by Well mythbusters, it’s never too late to brush up on the physics of projectile motion (or is it??).  Apparently the show is on hold pending a full investigation.


Mythbusters' Cannonball Flightpath

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  1. 1. NettlesAndBurrs 12:56 am 12/8/2011

    Oops… I hope the show comes out of this ok. I would never have expected Jamie to make such a mistake, but I guess accidents happen.

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  2. 2. Roberoo 5:13 am 12/8/2011

    This could have been a real tragedy but it wasn’t, and all can be fixed or replaced in short order. These two guys have added more knowledge to the human collective in a gregarious and sometimes humorous fashion than 99.9% of all of today’s TV. Their intentions were not malicious in any manner, and anyone who has watched their show knows they are to be applauded for one of the most worthwhile shows on TV. Putting their show on hold is punishing a lot of fans, many of whom are budding young scientists (my kids love the show) and I hope that the powers-that-be know just how much these two have contributed to the world of science and the world of entertainment, a rare merger and an important accomplishment. On with the science and on with the show.

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  3. 3. Carin 11:39 pm 12/8/2011

    Great Points @Roberoo – I do agree with you that Mythbusters has done a great job of making science cool for kids. They are quirky and great, and really fun role models. I do *wish* that more folks that portrayed science on TV were actual scientists though, that’s really my beef with many productions (Mythbusters included). I’m also hoping @nettlesandburrs that the show comes out ok – accidents can certainly happen, but one should make darn sure that when dealing with such potentially dangerous projects that there is no chance something like this could happen. I guess the story will continue to unfold for us…

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  4. 4. Fingolfin 12:20 pm 12/9/2011

    This accident occurred and the Alameda County Bomb Range in the hills above Dublin. Ten or 15 years ago this was cow country. Urban growth in the immediate area of the bomb range has been phenomenal. I’ve lived in the Tri-Valley for 35 years and can’t even find my way through these new developments with a TomTom.

    The first lesson to be learned out of this is an old one; never shoot towards civilization! But a more fundamental problem is that this area is no longer suitable for any kind of bomb or rifle range. Alameda County and the State of California bear some responsibility for the fact that a bomb range still exists where it does. So, MythBusters, don’t go there — anymore.

    I fully agree that MythBusters is an excellent program for teaching science to young people and equally good for adults. I can identify and take pride in some of the program’s most outlandish experiments because I am a graduate of New Mexico Tech where they go to stage really violent experiments

    I would add that on rare occasions MythBusters gets a little confused on physics principles and could use a little more help with tricky stuff. But, they really do a great job overall.

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  5. 5. OXYMAN 3:26 pm 12/9/2011

    sorry to hear guys, and I love the show and all of the cast …. but I wonder if over confidence or some other variable we will NEVER know about might have caused this?
    I cannot view the video and were there any injuries? the legal and PR Dept must be consuming record levels of coffee and sawdust.

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  6. 6. OXYMAN 3:34 pm 12/9/2011 – here it is… lucky bastards. I would agree a shetty experience for the families involved. Time to sue !

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