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Does Uber Make Cities More Energy Efficient?

Morning traffic in Paris. Photo by Tali Trigg.

It seems you can’t read an article about new mobility or the sharing economy without stumbling across Uber; the mobility service that sprung up in 2009 to only five years later become valued at more than Avis, Hertz, or Sony. Yes, Sony. Two weeks ago, I found myself using the service for the first time, [...]

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Plugged In

A Fleet of Data in U.S. Vehicles


By: Melissa C. Lott and Ian Kalin, Presidential Innovation Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy In the early 1970s, auto manufacturers faced the challenge of how to ensure compliance with new U.S. emissions standards without sacrificing vehicle performance. As a result, they largely turned to electronically controlled fuel feed and ignition systems. And, with the addition [...]

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