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When It Comes To How We Vote on Energy Issues, Age Matters

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A new poll from The University of Texas at Austin reveals markedly different perspectives on energy issues based on the age of voters, a finding that could help determine the outcome of next week’s elections. The latest UT Energy Poll, conducted Sept. 4 -16, shows contrasting views and preferences among consumers in numerous areas, including [...]

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Younger Americans More Supportive of Exporting Natural Gas Than Older Americans


The new UT Energy Poll data is out today! Here I’ll highlight changing American attitudes related to the export of natural gas. The infographic above shows a snapshot of current survey responses collected March 3-­17 among 2,133 U.S. residents aged 18 and older*. The first thing I notice is that younger Americans are much more [...]

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Energy Poll Shows Strong Support for More Domestic Energy Production, Less Concern for the Environment


AUSTIN, TEXAS – Energy matters to U.S. consumers and it will likely influence their votes this November. These were some of the insights revealed this morning by the Director of the University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Poll, Sheril Kirshenbaum. According to the poll, almost two-thirds (65%) of energy consumers say that energy is important to them. Further, the [...]

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