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Ukraine’s Top Scientists Turn to Academic Unity in Call for Peace

Image: Alex Khristov/Wikimedia Commons

The political unrest reverberating throughout the Ukraine has prompted its top scientists to send out a plea for peace. Since the crisis escalated last week, after Russia moved to establish control over the largely Russian speaking Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine, it has fueled fears that the conflict will boil over into military action between [...]

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We’re (Almost) #1! Liquid Petroleum Production in the U.S.


The U.S. is on track to become the world’s leading liquid petroleum producer. According to IEA, domestic production of oil was about 11.5m barrels a day in August, and the Financial Times reports that we are likely to surpass Saudi Arabia’s production for the first time in 23 years. In fact, we may also catch [...]

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Time For Energy Diplomacy

One-fourth of the world is breathing unsafe air. Courtesy of Hsu et al/The Atlantic

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has unfolded into the most serious East-West crisis in a generation. These events have illustrated Europe’s energy insecurity, but also highlight how the United States and European Union now have a tremendous opportunity to advance mutual foreign policy goals. I’ve written more on what we can do over at GMF… The [...]

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Should the U.S. Export Natural Gas?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.41.10 AM

The United States has a lot of natural gas (I’ve already outlined why here). In fact, natural gas will likely overtake petroleum as the leading fuel source in our energy mix in the next decade or two. Given the current situation in Ukraine, many are wondering whether we should export some as a kind of [...]

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