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Photo Friday: 220KV Oil Circuit Breakers at Redondo Steam Plant, 1948


The first Redondo Beach Steam Power Plant came online in 1907. This $1.25 million power plant was operated until 1933 – it was then taken offline, dismantled, bought/sold, and rebuilt, coming online again in 1948 as a part of Southern California Edison’s power fleet. This photograph was taken in 1948 and is now a part of [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: Great dams trap and tame the water (1927)


“Great dams trap and tame the water, hoarding its energy until needed. Grandes diques atrapan y amansan el agua, acaparando su energía hasta que el hombre la necesite.“ This photograph is a part of the online photography exhibit “Form and Landscape,” a collaborative project from William Deverell and Greg Hise. In this exhibit, Deverell and [...]

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