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Teaching Kids to Love Science, and Falling in Love with the Kids

  Put a science writer in a classroom with two-dozen ten-year-olds and I promise you this: the writer will learn more than the kids. I’ve just had that experience, not for the first time but in an especially fulfilling way, while talking about science to a group of fourth and fifth graders at Public School [...]

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Technology for the rest of us

As you’ve no doubt read, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is stepping down from the company he co-founded three decades ago. Tim Cook will take over the reigns for the long-term, and has served as COO since 200. For those who don’t follow Apple nerdery obsessively like I do, This Is My Next has a profile [...]

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Speaking of Tax Dollars… Do You Like Yours Spent on Teaching Creationism?


After the State of the Union address last night, everyone is talking about how best to spend tax dollars. So it seems appropriate to bring this into the conversation. Slate published a critical interactive map this week showing schools that allow the teaching of creationism in their science classrooms while receiving public funding. It’s a [...]

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