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Where Are the Real Errors in Political Polls?

2012 United States presidential election results by county, on a color spectrum from Democratic blue to Republican red. (Credit: Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan)

“Clinton crushes Biden in hypothetical 2016 matchup: Poll.” This was the headline of a MSNBC article on July 17, a full two years before the election in question. In the fine print, NBC reported that the margin of error was around 2 to 5 percent, which would appear to be small enough to trust the [...]

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Plugged In

Who Wants To Export Natural Gas?

Russia Ukraine gas map

My last post highlighted how over six months, support for exporting natural gas has increased as opposition decreased. Thirty-four percent of Americans agreed with the statement, “The U.S. should permit the export of natural gas to other countries,” while 30 percent disagreed and 36 percent were neutral. My guess is that most of the country [...]

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