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Low oil prices aren’t working against solar (probably)

2013 US energy - small

In the United States, reducing electricity probably won’t lead to a significant reduction in direct oil consumption. Instead (in terms of fossil fuels) it is more likely to reduce your consumption of coal and natural gas. In turn, low oil prices aren’t necessarily working against solar deployment in a direct sense. The United States uses [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: The sounding stone on the Parana River


The Itaipú Dam is a hydroelectric power generation facility on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, on the Parana River. The name means “the sounding stone” in Guarani, an indigenous language in South America and one of the official languages in Paraguay. Photo Credit: Photo of Itaipú Hydroelectric dam (April 25, 2008) by kevin.j. Found via [...]

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