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To Unlock Wind, Build Transmission Lines Linking the Plains to the Cities

Transmission Lines_2

A vital factor affecting the economics of any energy source is transportation: where is the fuel extracted, where is it used, and how does it get from point A to point B? An example is the case of Texas versus North Dakota, both of which have experienced a boom in oil and gas production from [...]

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North Dakota flared off $1 billion worth of natural gas last year


Energy producers flared off 30% of all produced natural gas in North Dakota due to lack of infrastructure.

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A New Light in the Sky – “Kuwait on the Prairie”


There’s a new light in the night sky – and it’s North Dakota. Over the past 2 years, North Dakota has doubled its oil production to become the #2 producing state in the nation.  And with this oil has come a glut of natural gas – so much gas that the more than 150 oil [...]

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