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Plugged In

Visualizing U.K. and U.S. Energy Flows

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Where does it comes from? Where does it go? These two questions were asked last summer here on Plugged In with respect to the energy use in the United States. Now, let’s take a look at energy flows on the other side of the Atlantic – in particular the United Kingdom – and see how [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: Where does it come from? Where does it go? Visualizing Energy Flows


Each year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory publishes a powerful graphic of U.S. energy use. In the most recent version, one can see how the ~97 quadrillion british-thermal units (quads) of energy used in the United States can be broken down by uses and sectors. This total consumption represnts a 2.4% increase in energy use compared [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: Coal gasification


Last summer at the Rocky Mountain Test Facility in Wyoming, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists tested the practical potential of large-scale coal gasification facilities in a series of field experiments. This technology is considered a promising component of future “clean coal” power plants with their ability to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emissions. Photo [...]

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