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Anthropology in Practice



I was charged with moving my library over the weekend, and while I typically enjoy spending time with my books—in particular, feeling their heft in my hands—it was backbreaking labor to lug all of them up the stairs through the house to their new, sunnier home. It dawned on me—having professed to being a reluctant [...]

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Plugged In

The Plugged-In Library of the Future

If you thought the success of the iPad, the Kindle, and Google Books had resolved whether electronic books did the job of physical books, forget that thought. Slate on Nov. 16 published yet another essay about the importance of the physicality of books, which probably adds nothing new to the debate but reminds us that [...]

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Remembering Challenger Astronaut Ronald McNair

On January 28, 1986, NASA Challenger mission STS-51-L ended in tragedy when the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after takeoff. The image of the explosion shortly after liftoff is burned into the memory of many of us, so revisiting the “major malfunction” may not be necessary, but is here for those who’d like to witness it [...]

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