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Fuel Cell Vehicles Coming Off the Bench? Maybe. Maybe Not.


Fuel cell vehicles are back in the news this week with the announcement of a new innovation partnership. According to the three auto-manufacturing heavyweights involved – Daimler, Ford, and Renault-Nissan – this new collaborative partnership approach will allow the industry to bring fuel cell vehicles to driveways around the world.  All in the next 5 [...]

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Plugged In

Guest Post: No, We’re Not There Yet – The Trouble With Hydrogen Cars


If petroleum-based fuels are not the future for the transportation industry, what will take their place? Today, biofuels play a significant role, moving a portion of the nation’s energy supply away from traditional gasoline and diesel. But, concerns surrounding the amount of farmland used to produce these biofuels rise, it becomes increasingly unlikely that biofuels [...]

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