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40 Years Later: Electric Cars and the OPEC Oil Embargo

Oregon’s odd-even plan reduced the lines at gas stations during the fuel crisis in the fall and winter of 1973-74. This station was servicing cars with even-numbered last digits on their license plates on an even-numbered calendar day. Image credit: David Falcone, National Archives and Record Administration

The 1973 oil embargo triggered a mad rush of electric-vehicle research. Forty years later, we’re seeing the results

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Plugged In

Younger Americans More Supportive of Exporting Natural Gas Than Older Americans


The new UT Energy Poll data is out today! Here I’ll highlight changing American attitudes related to the export of natural gas. The infographic above shows a snapshot of current survey responses collected March 3-­17 among 2,133 U.S. residents aged 18 and older*. The first thing I notice is that younger Americans are much more [...]

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