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Guest Post: Are Microgrids the Key to Energy Security?

New York City blackout following Hurricane Sandy (Picture Credit:

By Dawn Santoianni “Energy independence” is a concept that has become part of the political lexicon and touted as a panacea for a downturn economy. Recently, the concept has morphed into “energy security” which encompasses not only a domestic abundance of energy resources, but freedom from energy market manipulation. Still, there are numerous and conflicting [...]

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Plugged In

Guest Post: Innovation Cleans Up Waste-to-Energy

Image 1.Schematic of Gasification Plant

This is a guest post by Dawn Santoianni. Why does diverting waste from a landfill and turning that waste into energy cause so much controversy?  Despite the widespread use of waste-to-energy (WTE) in European countries, here in the U.S. WTE has a reputation for being “dirty.” Environmental activist groups frequently oppose WTE because of air emissions [...]

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