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Plugged In

Full Frontal Nerdity


I was once caught staring at energy efficiency guru Amory Lovins’ pocket protector, and without blinking he said, “Yes, it’s full frontal nerdity.” There was something refreshing about that sentiment, so let me similarly make my intentions clear: in joining SciAm Blogs, I hope to bring you some unnoticed news and engage you on a [...]

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Plugged In

A Fond Farewell and Welcome at the Plugged In Writing Desk


Almost three years ago (on July 5, 2011) Plugged In joined the Scientific American blogging family, creating a space for exploring developments that connect us to energy, our planet and each other. The blog began with four writers – David, Melissa, Scott, and Robynne – and then grew to five when Sheril joined the team in [...]

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