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A Busy 2011 at Scientific American

When I wrote my end-of-the-year update for staff, Bora Zivkovic, our chief blogs editor, reminded me that others are also interested in the goings on at Scientific American. It’s never a good idea to say no to Bora. So here’s a summary of some highlights for 2011: AWARDS We won a 2011 National Magazine Award [...]

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Not bad science

How To Get Into Science Communication Online


I recently taught a class on science journalism and science communication. Although there have been a few articles on this topic already (in particular I’d recommend reading Ed Yong’s and Carl Zimmer’s) I thought I’d share a bit of advice from my own experience. I became involved in science writing just a few years ago, [...]

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‘Chimp Pope’ Launches Scientist-Artist Blogging Partnership

No matter what you think about the Catholic Church, the “Chimp Pope” image (at left) by figurative/narrative artist Nathaniel Gold probably holds your attention and gives you pause about the latest hullabaloo. You can see a color, glossy version of the chimp pope on page 34 of Gold’s book, The Chimpanzee Manifesto, (Jessian Press, 2009). [...]

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Plugged In

On this Blogging Business, and Regarding Scolding

Last weekend, the Scientific American blogger community blew up as only a blogger community can, over a somewhat complex issue. Many of us are blogging in response, and as much as I hate to I’m joining in the madness. I’ll try not to dwell on what actually happened, because it’s barely what I want to [...]

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The Intelligent Use of Animations

Jim Benton Cartoon

Or, in other words: Don’t do this. Do this: Remember websites in the early 90s with their scrolling banners, cheezy tiled backgrounds, and blinking and twirling text? No matter how swanky html5 or the next coding language is, I hope I never utter the phrase, “sure, why not?!” when it comes to use of special [...]

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