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What Do China’s New Policies Mean for the Environment?


BEIJING—A Chinese high speed train whispers into the station, before finally engaging the brakes and coming to a stop with a sound like the tinkling of breaking glass. Five years ago, such trains hardly existed. In the span of one Communist-style planning period, China has built a high-speed train network that now crosses the entire [...]

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Did Congestion Charging Just Go Viral?

Congestion charging point in Stockholm. Image courtesy of Transport Styrelsen.

What is congestion charging? Congestion charging or pricing is the practice of setting up cordon tolls around the city on a large-scale to charge entrants for entering during peak hours. Ideally, this is done in an automatic fashion with cameras registering your license plate and directly billing you. This is different from low emissions zones, [...]

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Guest Post: The Biggest (missed) Environmental News Story of 2013


Beijing announcement illustrates the shortcomings of how we look at the future of the global transportation system By Tali Trigg On November 7th 2013, the Beijing city government announced sweeping changes to car ownership in the near future [1] that fundamentally shifted the future outlook for the city’s and perhaps the country’s transportation system. This [...]

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