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Is the Tesla Model S the safest car ever made?


The electric Tesla Model S might be the safest car ever made. Or, at least one of the safest production cars that the U.S. federal government has ever tested. Frontal crash, side impact, and rollover - the 2013 Tesla Model S 5 HB RWD received a perfect 5-star rating across the board in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tests.

And, yes, the battery was just fine in all of the above.

According to Wired, the reason for these high scores lies in large part with the electric drivetrain, which increases the vehicle's crumple zone space. That, combined with a "stiff structure... [a] battery mounted oh-so-low in the floor" and the Tesla "double bumper" allowed more of the impact to be absorbed by the car, instead of its occupants.

Frontal Crash

Side Impact


According to NHTSA simulations (see below), the Tesla Model S has a 5.7% "risk of rollover."

Photo Credit: photos, videos, and graphics courtesy of the NHTSA.

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