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On the Loveseat: Gingrich,Pelosi and Climate Change


In a 2008, for a few moments, Republicans and Democrats came together in support of action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. In an ad sponsored by former Vice President Al Gore's group, Alliance for Climate Protection, Former Speakers of the House Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich sat down together and voiced their agreement that the "country must take action to address climate change." Pelosi went further, saying that the country needs "cleaner forms of energy.. fast."

Earlier this month, Gingrich distanced himself from the add, stating that

"Sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi is the dumbest single thing I've done in the last few years...It was largely dumb because, frankly, she became so radioactive that it was impossible for any conservative to be in the same set, and not have everybody go, 'That's crazy.' And so they never heard your message."

As the race for the Republican Presidential nomination continues, it will be interesting to see how far the candidates will go to distance themselves from Democrats - and any (seemingly) liberal ideas.

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